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REFUGEE TALES - Walks promoted by "Ramblers in Kent"

[Web Manager's Note. This is a series of upcoming walks being promoted by the "Ramblers in Kent" group. Our "South Bank" Committee has agreed to publicise this on our website as it may be of interest to some of our members.
Dave Hetherington, Web Manager]

Refugee Tales is a project, which was started in 2015 by the Gatwick Detainee Visitors Group.

The aim of Refugee Tales, is to raise awareness of the Indefinite Detention of people seeking asylum in this country, and to try to put  a limit on the length of time someone can be detained. We do this by walking each day, on a particular route. This year, we are walking the Thames Path. In the last two years we walked the North Downs Way from Dover to Crawley and along the Swale and Thames from Canterbury to Westminster. 

The project is based on the model of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, so each evening, there is a performance at the place where we finish walking for the day, where a tale or two is told, and we have music. The performances are all free.

As we will be walking through your area this year, I thought some of  your members may be interested in joining us for one or more day walks. I have contacted the various local groups. but hopefully, you can also publicise it to your members.

The route we are taking this year is along the Thames path, from Runnymede to Westminster, as follows:

Day 1 (Sat 1 July):  Runnymede to Walton-on- Thames

Day 2 (Sun 2 July):  Walton-on-Thames to Kingston-on-Thames

Day 3 (Mon 3 July:  Kingston-on-Thames to Brentford

Day 4 (Tues 4 July): Brentford to Hammersmith

Day 5 (Wed 5 July): Hammersmith to Westminster

We have a website: which goes into more detail about the event.  We ask that day walkers register in advance, so that we know who is coming on the day. The cost for the day is £7. If people are interested in doing the whole walk, they should check the website for details.

 The walk, and other events are always extremely enjoyable, and people who come knowing little about the true situation of Asylum Seekers in this country, will find be able to find out first hand from people who are themselves seeking asylum. This year, we have 14 'guest walkers' who have been themselves detained and are going through, or have gone through the asylum process.

Chris Perks (Ramblers in Kent)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018