South Bank Ramblers

New kissing gates in Alkham, Kent - DEC 2017

South Bank Ramblers help to finance new kissing gates in Kent    -   Angela S

These arresting photos illustrate the hard work of Kent volunteers in installing a new gate and opening up an inaccessible route.

South Bank funded the gate, along with Kent County Council, as part of the ‘Finding the Way’ project launched by Kent Ramblers in June 2017. 

We are contributing to a second gate, soon to be fitted.  We will organise a walk to see both gates, hopefully in the Spring Programme.


Volunteer installing the new gate


Previous demolished stile


New gate after completion



Map showing  Alkham, about four miles West of Dover.   The gate is on the footpath (ER165) to the South East of Alkham

Sunday, July 22, 2018